Glen's Welcome Page

A Greeting and Note from the Pastor:

Thank you for taking a few moments to find out more about Park Heights Church.

We are a family of Believers that continually seek to share the love of God in our neighborhood and community here on the South Hill of Spokane.

We a church that loves you just the way you are. Whether you've had some, little, or no church background, you are accepted and encouraged toward your own spiritual formation in Christ.

Can church be meaningful yet fun? Yes I believe it can be and it happens through our celebration services which include uplifting praise as well as relevant bible lessons, and our weekly ministries.

You are welcomed as you are, regardless of your background, to a place where you will be empowered to use your talents and gifts.

Sound strange? It might sound so but come and see for yourself what God is doing in and through His people at Park Heights.

I look forward to meeting you.

Pastor Glen Douglas

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